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 *IMPORTANT* New members: READ THIS! Remnant Order Rankings

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*IMPORTANT* New members: READ THIS!   Remnant Order Rankings Empty
PostSubject: *IMPORTANT* New members: READ THIS! Remnant Order Rankings   *IMPORTANT* New members: READ THIS!   Remnant Order Rankings EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 2:54 pm

Greetings, and welcome to The Grand Army of the Republic!

You are reading this because you have been selected to become the next great Jedi member of this great guild. As the name suggests, this IS an army, and there is a certain militant attitude shared by all the members, rank is encouraged to be highly respected. You gain rank through worth: if you put forth 50% of your effort into guild activities (forum, socializing and the random online game before ToR actually releases) you will stay in the middle ground and slowly or never progress. However, if you give as much as you can to this guild and are active with the aforementioned activities, you WILL progress at a quick rate. To put it simply, Jedi and soldiers are not in the same chain of command as each other. If you hold rank in one, that does not mean you will be ordering around the opposite legion, they each have their own leadership to follow who will be conversing with each other to find out what is best to do with their own troops be it jedi or soldier. Now that does not mean that you will not listen to the words of someone in an opposite legion simply because your own leadership didn't voice it. Rank is earned through respect and worth, and you should respect that yourself.
As of now, there are few Jedi ranks compared to the non-Jedi but they are as such:

Remnant Grand Master- the leader of the council and the Remnant Order. Lord Kane holds this rank and position.

Remnant Counciler -A jedi who helps lead the Remnant order with the grand master and acting as second in command of the Order. There are 5 council spots. The Council will be who you look to for guidance and will act has leading officers.

Remnant Master- A remnant who has been in the order for a long time who has shown him or herself worthy in battle proven they have leadership skills with the councils permission will be ranked to Remnant Master.

Remnant Sentinel- After a certain time in the remnant order and with the approval of the council knights will be ranked to Sentinel.

Remnant Knight- A warrior who has surpassed the Councils expectations with battle and activity and patrol will be ranked up.

Remnant Padawan- This is the rank given buy those who have proven them selves in battle and shown they are ready to be ranked by the Remnant Council.

Remnant Initiate- This is the rank given to all new remnant who are starting out in the Remnant order. *The Initiate will undergo a 2 week probationary period in which he will be tested to see if he will become a full fledged Jedi or not*

Rank should not be your overall goal in this guild, as there will always be a need for the grunt or workhorse in any group and at the same time there will always be a need for a leader to step up in any group. The biggest thing that you should be worrying about is how to make GAR the most successful and most elite guild on SW:ToR.
As you may be able to tell, GAR is quite heavily based in RP. If this frightens your or makes you giggle in mockery at all, then this guild is not for you. If you are in any way interested then by all means, pursue that interest because roleplaying can be much more fun than you can imagine if you haven't ever tried it and actually immersed yourself in a made up character.

Your role as a Jedi in this guild, when in character, is to act as a Jedi actually would. Jedi have always been the more cool-headed advisor or warrior in any given situation that will act upon what they feel is best for their cause through the Force. There is no set alignment for this guild, aside from good-grey. If you want to RP a character that is simply a BA Jedi who fights for a cause with no thought to the little-man you crush under your feet along the way, so be it. Just make sure it fits, and know that if you get out of line with your In-Character(IC) Masters, there will be measures taken appropriate to the transgression.
From time to time there will be RP sessions/threads to keep you on your toes and to figure out worth within the member base. Participate in these and you will find out where you stand.

Above all we are Jedi, defenders of the galaxy and serve the most noble cause: The Force. Serve it well by serving with the Grand Army of the Republic, and the Force will be a great ally to you all!

*in order to be promoted you must gain the approval of all the current Jedi Councilors*
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*IMPORTANT* New members: READ THIS! Remnant Order Rankings
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