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PostSubject: Jax-Grandmaster at Arms   Jax-Grandmaster at Arms EmptyFri Dec 10, 2010 3:07 am

HALLO EVERYBAWDY. Buckethead here, with another guide for LoL. According to our votes, leading by 1, the champion I will be Reviewing this week is:

Jax: Grandmaster at Arms

Jax-Grandmaster at Arms Jax-splash

Jax is an EXCELLENT melee champion, and in my opinion the BEST fighter in the game. Why? Because his ult, mostly. Jax is a multifaceted character, boasting high dodge chance, a short range AoE stun, and some massive damage on hit. He also has a nice ranged jump and a power strike that deals magic damage, it combines GREAT with his leap. but enough of the basics, lets get into the details. Jaxs' skills are what make him so gawd awfully epic, and they are as listed.

Equipment Mastery(Passive): This is the unseen bread-and-butter of Jaxs' health bar despite his damage ratio. For each Attack damage point, he gains 3 life permanently, and 2 for each point of ability power, making him gain all kinds of good health as he picks up more and more items.

Leap Strike: The best Ability in Jaxs' arsenal, he leaps towards the opponent from a pretty decent range, and slaps the post down for some epic magic damage. I combine this often with Empower to what I call the Empower Strike, dealing LOTS of damage on magic.

Empower:Oh boy, a savior when in a DPS fight for sure, when timed correctly, you can be hitting like this every 2 hits, its practically spammable, and has such a low mana cost for the damage it deals, procs well with Leap Strike, and makes that lamppost one scary sonnuva bitch.

Counter-Strike: This ability can only be activated after a dodge, but it gives you seven seconds. It deals magic damage in a defined area, stunning all who it hits. Combine this with a well times Empower Strike and you've got a chasing ability beyond epic, also great for DPS fights, gives you a whole second of freedom to smack, smack away at the fool deciding to run at you.

Relentless Assault(Ultimate): This ability, in my opinion, is the BEST ultimate in the game, why you say? Its passive makes every normal 3rd strike deal massive magic damage. Oh, and It stacks attack speed. Up to 10 stacks. WUT. That's not all folks, the ACTIVE ability gives Jax increased dodge chance AND higher magic resistance. There is quite literally NO WAY you could go wrong with an ult this powerful for a melee fighter, especially for his fighting style. DODGE DODGE KILLING SPREE.

Now, lets talk game play, I don't play Jax as much as I used to, Pyro does mostly now, but this is how I do it. Early game use your Empower strike to REALLY harass the living SHIT out of the enemy, it hits so hard and pins them almost all of the time, making YOU in control of the lane, make them play at your pace, that's how Jax does it. Once you get Your ult, you will be a creep clearing machine, use your Counter Strike to clear creep waves quickly and efficiently. Make sure to keep your ults passive stacks up by railing on those minions, and make any champ retarded enough to come play with you regret it, BIG time. If you lane with someone with a stun (Ryze, Sion) or a jump (Xin Zhao, Irelia) Coordinate your abilities to crack down on the weaker player on the other side of your lane, myself as Xin and Pyro as Jax control against anyone that isn't Malphite or Garen (Tanks in general).

Around mid-game, almost NO ONE ganks harder than you, get yourself around in the jungle, grab a buff or two, and go help mid or the other lane, work with your teammates and set up a trap for people that ignore the MIA and push anyways. Jump out and rail, the minions will probably try to hit you or the sort, so drop your counter strike and buy time with your stun to rail them into oblivion. NOTE: YOU CAN KILL ANYONE. If you can, try to keep there mage of carry drop, if they cant level, you become a heavier carry, and will Smack your way to victory quickly.

Late Game_ If your doing even half well, YOU ARE THE CARRY. GET USED TO IT. Lead your team and dont be afraid to initiate in team-fights, you will have enough health that even if focused you should come out ok, because you turn health bars into mush with a good Empower strike, so go knock em down and watch your team rail to the Nexus.

OMFG ITEMS? Now, you ask "What items could POSSIBLY make this epic champion EVEN MOAR EPIC THAN HE IS?" Well, Ill tell ya what you need to make Jax the most annoying, most fear bringing, unstoppable force to grace the fields of justice.

Dorans Shield: It gives some defense and health regen, for a champ like Jax that is liable to take a beating, why not? Its better than a lot of items for a good early game, use and abuse it. You WILL be trading this later, so don't forget you actually have 1 more slot than it says.

Ninja Tabi:These boots were MADE FOR JAX. SPECIFICALLY. DONT QUESTION IT. Why you say? Because it has DODGE. Whats Jax known for? DODGE. Dont pass this up, dont even CONSIDER another pair of boots. Oh, and it gives armor too, which is always nice. Plus there friggin cheap, srsly, there like 850 gold. NO EXCUSES.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: Remember that whole spiel about Ninja Tabi being specifically for Jax? That counts for this item too, Guinsoo's Rageblade gives all 3 things Jax needs, AD,AP, and attack speed on stacks. WHY THE FUCK NOT? The only speed item you will ever need, and hell, it doesn't even have a speed boost, that's how epic it is. Oh, its stacks 8 times, and stacks AP as well. If you don't grab this cheap item, sitting at 2235 gold, I will knudshove you. Srsly.

Bilgewater Cutlass:WUT. WHY THIS ITEM? It gives attack damage, and it gives lifesteal, who dosen't love lifesteal? and why grab it first? Because you will turn it into a:

Hextech Gunblade:Hell yea, the daddy of nuke items. The FUCKING GUNBLADE/ LOST PLANET 2. FUCK YEA. But its great, gives lifesteal and spell vamp(drains mana and converts it to life for YOU) Plus AD and AP. Its still pretty cheap at only 3625 for what it actually gives you, which is a TON. Turn the cutlass into this, you simply can not regret it.

Frozen Mallet: SUR-VIVE-A-BILITY. 700 health for a little more than the cost of Warmogs, with the increase on attack damage, with a slow on each physical hit? Whats not to love? Considering Jax hits so fast they would eb in a frozen trap, inescapable from your lamppost brand of justice.

Atma's Impaler: Well, if you built right so far your doing TONS OF DAMAGE. and see all that health you have? That probably 3.5K health? 2% of that becomes ATTACK DAMAGE. Lets put this in perspective. 2% of 3.5k is 70. So your getting somewhere around 70 AD, with some crit strike and extra armor for about the same you payed for your rageblade earlier. Who needs an EXPENSIVE INFINITY EDGE? I sure as hell don't.

The Bloodthirster:If the enemy SOMEHOW hasn't surrendered or given into your epic at this point, grab a Bloodthirster, why? Why not Infinity Edge? or a Black Cleaver? Because It gives EXTRA AD, and extra lifesteal, with the TON of lifesteal you already have, so what in hell would you need any of the others for? Plus its SOOO much cheaper. Just don't die!! Not like youd be doing much of that anyways, huh friend?

Well, thats my CORE build for Jax, but with him beign so EPIC and versatile, there are a few other items I could see working as well.

Black Cleaver:Sure, your a hard hitting bad ass that wrecks EVERYTHING with your post, but what if the enemy team is tanking a lot due to the current meta game favoring tanks? Grab a Cleaver in place of a Bloodthirster, sure you dont get the lifesteal or the extra damage, but you do get a lot of damage anyways, and you reduce all that armor into mush.

Banshee's Veil:The enemy team have casters you cant handle? Ignore a spell every 30 seconds with this bad boy, sure you get 200 less health than a Frozen Mallet, but it can replace it well if you need survivability and reduce that annoying requiem into a laughable offense.

Void Staff:Magic Penetration, and LOTS of it. Could replace an Atma's Impaler if you take a liking to your Empower and 3rd strike hitting EXTRA hard. the AP is nice too, since there's a ton of it.

Phantom Dancer:I PERSONALLY find this useless, because Rageblade+Ult will cap your AS at level 18, but if you would like the extra dodge and attack speed then go ahead, but there are better items you can grab.

Last Whisper:Hell, its great for any melee champ, it gives AS and armor pen for your auto attacks, with its cheap pricetag its nice too, but dont you feel liek there are better items for that slot?

Lich Bane:Not really needed, but hell, makes the hit after Empower hit like a train, so its ok, gives some extra mana and such, but you honestly dont needthe extra damage.

Manamune:Always good for a Damage champion, but the extra mana isn't necessary, I guess it might be OK earlier in the game, but would be a waste of money, really.

Nashor's Tooth:Lots of AS and AP, but you don't need any extra of either of those, bu its always an open option if you want harder hitting abilities.

Well guys, I hope you all enjoyed this guide, If you have any further Questions/ Suggestions about Jax or LoL in general, feel free to contact me or leave something in this thread, hopefully we can get some input form Pyro, the Grandmaster at Arms, himself.
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Jax-Grandmaster at Arms
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