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 Fiddlesticks: You Reek Of Fear

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PostSubject: Fiddlesticks: You Reek Of Fear   Fiddlesticks: You Reek Of Fear EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 6:39 am

I'm making a guide to Fiddle, master of the jungle and king of the gank.

Fiddlesticks: The Harbinger Of Doom

Fiddlesticks: You Reek Of Fear 1295715-spectral_fiddlesticks_super

Fiddle is not the best nuker in the game, but he puts the fear of death into the enemy team like none other, he's a jungler, a ganker, a laner, and a nuke. Here we're focusing on being in the jungle and ruining the enemy team. Fiddle's skills are practically designed to do nothing but run around doing whatever the fuck you please in the jungle, they are as follows.

Dread(Passive): This passive, in my opinion, is one of the most useful in the game, and it forms the core of my build. From the very start of the match Fiddle is crippling the enemy while they are even near him with a passive solid 10 reduction to the enemies Magic Resist.

Terrify: This is the skill we focus on least until mid/late game, It's great for setting someone up to be ruined by your Drain and keeping them in your crowstorm but while we're in the jungle it's not great. Get a point in it and forget leveling it up till the end.

Drain: This move, this move is amazing. It is a nuke, over and over, it heals you, it's got a low cool down and it is your key to unlimited jungling time, the only reason you have to leave jungle with this is being out of mana or just too much money. Level this slightly higher than your Dark Wind

Dark Wind: Your second CC ability and it's almost better than Ryze's spell flux at bouncing. It silences everything it touches, and chains between your enemies, dealing constant damage while it's up. Good for clearing the weaker jungle minions like Wraiths and the small Golems. Level it a little less than Drain.

Crowstorm(Ultimate): Hog may say Jax has the best ultimate, I say he's a liar. Crowstorm is one of the hardest hitting ultimates in the game, it's AOE is huge and the fear factor alone is enough to force most people to run. THIS IS YOUR GAME WINNER.

Lets talk gameplay and items. You always want to grab Drain first, if you don't you're not going to be able to jungle effectively, for your first items you want an Elixir of Brilliance and as many mana potions as you can carry. Run directly for your blue buff and hide in the brush, if your friends love you, they'll guard you while you wait for it to spawn so you don't get obliterized. After you get your buff, drink your Elixir, not before but after, and a mana potion. Go get your wolf camp and cross mid lane behind the tower and go do wraiths, Red is next then small golems. At this point if they don't have jungler go refresh your blue buff on their Golem and then go do dragon. At this point you're level 9 or higher, lets go gank a fucker.

Now it's mid-game, you've raped dragon and baron's about to spawn, we're gonna go rape some shit. Since we just did dragon, lets see if our buddies in bot are pushed or if mid's getting hurt a bit. Bot is a higher priority than mid and mid has higher priority than top. Gank bot if you get the chance or head up into their jungle and fuck their red buff then go help mid. Gank when possible and stay in the jungle and keep raping things into late game, grab baron if you can as we go into late game.

Late Game: At this point you should have twice the kills as deaths, and you should only be dying in team fights when you get focused. Keep killing dragon when you can and if possible keep Baron on your team too, eventually you COULD solo baron but I don't advise it because from experience, you'll get caught on the off chance and get your shit kicked and possibly have baron stolen. When team fights happen the combo is as follows Crowstorm into their shit Fear their tank, silence their team and drain their squishy, repeat your CC and drain until everything lies around you in ruin, run if you're getting railed and come back full of health.

Item Time: Time to show you what makes Fiddlefuck such a rapetastic champ.

Elixir Of Brilliance: Grants you early CDR and great AP for dirt cheap, lets you pick up a bunch of mana pots to start off with. I love this thing, keep getting them all game.

Sorcerer's Shoes:Not made for Fiddle but they're amazing on him. Fiddle is naturally fast so Swiftness and Mobility won't do you a lick of good, if you get CC'd you're dead anyway which makes Merc Treads useless too, that leaves Zerker Greaves and Ninja Tabi. We're not Jax and we're not Ashe, so forget those. Spell pen baby, it's what we're after.

Haunting Guise: Your second item, it makes you less squishy, it gives you AP, and it makes your spells penetrate more magic resist. This. Is. Made. For. Fiddle. It really is, as one of two dirt cheap early game items you're already having 40 magic pen, that is pretty much screwing the squishies this early and messing with the tanks so they have to build even more Magic Resist, making them lack armor, and your carry in turn being more useful. It also makes you less prone to insta-death and AP is always welcome.

Abyssal Scepter: This is the only expensive item you're likely to get before the enemy team /ragequit's. It gives you another magic resist reducing aura, another 20 to be exact. What that means is that everyone who even comes close to you automagically loses 30 Magic Resist, and you penetrate another 40 of that, say goodbye to the squishes and hello to melting tanks like it's your day job.

Will Of The Ancients:Drain makes you gain life correct? Yes. Spell Vamp makes magic damage restore health too right? Yes. Drain is magic damage correct? Yes. 70 AP and 20% Spell Vamp, you should not run out of health while draining after this. Also gives your nearby allies some AP and the Spell Vamp too, makes them happy.

Void Staff: As if we didn't make the enemy team useless enough with all our Magic Pen, we're stacking even more here, whatever is left over after our aura's and our flat magic pen, we eliminate another 40% of. You are almost doing true damage now, Crowstorm is raping entire teams, and their families. You are a horrible person. But you're carrying, good on you.

Zhonya's Ring You shouldn't ever make it to finishing this item but if you do, you now rape everything in sight, you now have tons of AP, a 2 second invuln when they try and focus you after you Crowstorm, and you're doing near true damage. Good day sir, you're done here.

You've no more slots left, you shouldn't sell your boots, because that's selling magic pen, you should be good now and I can't think of anything you'd possibly need.

This is my first guide and it came about from having been kicking ass as jungle Fiddle lately, if you've got comments or questions slap them down in those boxes below, Bejo could also answer your questions as he's better at laning with Fiddle than I am.

TL:DR Link to Mobafire Version http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/fiddlesticks-you-reek-of-fear-45316
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Bejo Keikodi
Bejo Keikodi

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PostSubject: Re: Fiddlesticks: You Reek Of Fear   Fiddlesticks: You Reek Of Fear EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 12:03 pm

as someone who plays fddle-fuck as well i would like to add that when you get your crowstorm as tyrant said it is very powerful and best used where you ccan ambush them, if the team is dumb they'll just stand in your AOE long enough where u may not even have to fear them or they could run, when i crowstorm and the team is good I fear and then drain. and dont restrict urself to jungles for ambushes either, u can hide in the enempy camps to blast mid, for top lane there are little bays that are seperated from the main lane. since fiddle can jump walls with his ulty u can just ulty over the wall. so maybe do a custom game just to find where some of the good ambush spots are if ur gonna be a try hard like that. as i said before try and find out what kind of players they are, some know what fiddle's ult powering up looks like and will run, others wont, and I dont need to spell out th difference in results for u there. that's all i have to say unless tyrant wants to add something

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Fiddlesticks: You Reek Of Fear
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